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Creative Director
John Doe

+ Creative Director

I am passionate about facing up to complex challenges and make them into simple and elegant solutions, but especially appropriate. In the communication area that we know as the internet, my job is to communicate a determined message, from an identity (corporate or not) to a more or less heterogeneous group.
In this context, it is important to have a detailed knowledge of the technologies available, trends in design, advances in programming and user experience. Thus, it is possible to develop modern interfaces, that work well and above all, that transmit the message that you want to communicate properly.

Developer (coder)
Jane Helf

+ Developer (coder)

In order to make a successful development, it is not enough to have clear objectives and trace out the communication strategy. It is necessary to go deeper; we should produce a quality code so the entire development will be stable, functional and durable. My approach to the world of computing has been programming, and having developed that passion is that I try to improve myself every day remaining at the forefront, with cutting edge technology.
I have great knowledge in html, css, javascript, php and mysql. My English is limited, but I am working hard to improve it.

Teach then Learn
Joshua Insanus

+ Teach then Learn

A while ago i discovered that the best way to learn is trying to teach, and my third passion is precisely that. I am interesting in giving courses about theory of web development, design, creativity, new trends, programming, marketing, and social media.
The relationship with peers who are constantly developing their skills makes that the personal training could be assimilate in a simple way and be recorded permanently. This makes that using what you have learnt be a natural process, and open the senses to be aware of the advances and not get lost in the creative maelstrom that we know as the internet.

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